Social Electricity Online Platform (SEOP) is a European project funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme. Started officially in January, 2014 with mission to develop learning modules, educational content and online eco-feedback platforms, to raise the awareness and knowledge of citizens about energy, the environment and sustainability. An important achievement is Social Electricity, an online application helping people to manage their personal consumption collaboratively, by interacting and comparing with friends, neighbors and other users.

Digital Literacy

Learning Module 1

Enhance your digital literacy skills to be able to harness online energy management platforms and solutions.

Energy Management

Learning Module 2

Understand the concept and the importance of managing energy consumption in local and global level.

Green Practices

Learning Module 3

Become aware about energy-saving ways of using domestic electrical appliances, lighting and renewable technologies for home.

Social Electricity

Learning Module 4

Understand Social Electricity application and how it works. Learn how to register and login, and how to use its main features.

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